Basement Funk
Urban USA
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Basement Funk
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Peak position #93
Very nasty funk, baby!!! Don't listen unless you want your foot to start tapping uncontrollably!
Peak in sub-genre #9 2
Hot, hot, hot, hot !!! So damn hot, it's crazy!!
Peak in sub-genre #7
High energy funk with a great interplay of intricate bass grooves and upbeat, syncopated drum and percussion patterns. Nice Moog solo, also !!
Peak in sub-genre #5
Sexy drum groove, tight bass line...Oh, and a fine guitar solo can be enjoyed in this tune as well (if I may say so myself...).
Peak in sub-genre #38
Very laid back, luxurious groove, with lots of space to relax and enjoy at your leisure. So come in and look around...stay a while.
Peak in sub-genre #44 1
You will dance to this tune!! and that's an order. Take an order...of fries with it, too.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Another love song. Go figure that...!!
Peak position #24
Another hate song. Go figure that...!!
Peak in sub-genre #6
Upbeat funk with interesting lyrics. Recorded live in the basement...
Peak in sub-genre #9
Energetic groove to shake it to as you head over to the bar to order another tall cool one...
Peak in sub-genre #32
Very soulful groove with personally meaningful existential lyrics
Peak in sub-genre #12
Lots of soul in this laid back tune with colorful chord structures
Peak in sub-genre #86
Intense funk-Rock with nice chord progressions
Peak in sub-genre #55
Funk/Rock for the soul with an upbeat groove, and fine guitar work. Live basement (of course!) version...
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