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Instrumentals Springfield, IL  USA
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For '06 at least, the band is currently a trio: guitar, bass and drums, with an occasional 4th party. As always, standards and originals.
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One of three groove pieces with a sort of 'other-worldly' feel to it. Hope you like it.
One of three groove pieces with a sort of "other-worldly' flavor to it. Hope you enjoy the sounds.
The third of 3 groove pieces with a sort of 'other-worldly' flair to them. Hope you like the sounds.
Thunderous laughter, in several different registers and speeds. It may amuse, invigorate, scare listeners. Give it a listen and find out. As with all my pieces, hope you like this one.
A retro groove, reminiscent of the 60's, but with that 'extraterrestial' quality that seems to run through all these recent posts. I may use this as something to play guitar over. Hope you like the sounds.
It's a German word(obviously!), I believe coined by Austrian composer Arnold Schoenberg, meaning "speech-song". This piece has that quality. Instrumental sounds that sound like voices speaking. An unusual piece. Hope you like the sounds.
Somehow that's how it sounded to me, like the incongruous combination of these two sonic elements. A pretty piece, with some disruptions. As ever, hope you like the sounds.
Peak in sub-genre #82
Groove piece, has a 'crooning' quality to it. Hope you like the sounds.
A brisk piece, full of comings and goings. The aural effect, I figure, could be scary or invigorating, or some combination thereof. Hope you like the sounds.
An ethereal texture to it, like a kind of netherworld. Some ghostly sounds from the Roland Fantom synthesizer. Hope you like it.
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