Sam Crain
Instrumentals Springfield, IL  USA
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I'm a guitarist, jazz and various styles; and also a composer. Hear more at i
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Jamming over changes very similar to those in the tune Body and Soul.
Lively Latin tune.
2 guitars playing over changes very similar to All the Things You Are.
Quirky but infectious groove, chords similar to Benny Golson's Killer Joe(unintentional, just happened). Listening back I thought Killer Joe with PTSD. A 21st century version. Hope you like it.
Peak in sub-genre #57
A tranquil melody floats above a more tempestuous rhythm section. Together they create a musical atmosphere that makes me think of the Hieronymous Bosch painting. Hope you enjoy the sounds.
A modern jazz trio, with String Bass, drums, and whatever kind of horn you want to call it. The bass lays down a nice line atop which the whateverhorn sort of circles the tonality.
This is sensory overload, a sort of Blitzkreig, where everything is flying toward you at once. Piano and percussion fragments, like pieces of musical shrapnel, are aloft in this one.
A groove piece, all percussion. I don't know how much actual clicking is going on, but there is a fair amount of clanging. And it makes for a funnier title.
Nice Latin groove throughout. Some of the sonorities make me think of a Cruise Ship Band only for a Spaceship, the band being a mix of 'ethnicities'.
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