krill banks conspiracy
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Duo doing things we think of and things we want to do.. when we want to do them . . .
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Our buddies . . .the Fourth Band . . . . .what the hell's Trip Hop ?
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Another War Song....
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Beat and changes sounded like a bar song no politics ........ ANTI-message. ....every body say...Shadup... ALL VOX by L Banks
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Blues Rock if you must
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Ah, Life!
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Version KBC 12.612p / M/2/6/061:48p Update Emminent / Topic: Information Overload
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Talk with music specially tailored to fit the mood, which happens to be kind of dark. Metaphor of the "cut off your nose to spite your face" genre
Fiirst 'Treatment' Accoustic, Bass, drum track and experimental leads. No vocals Intended subject matter . . . Alhiemers Disease and those left to deal
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For the Beat nik in us all... philosophy on the hoof ...darken the room... alter your brain waves... shadup and listen...
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Talk rap about how the would seems to work
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Dedicated to Katrina victims
Treatment Accoustic, Bass, Drum track and experimental lead(s)
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A delicious combination of pickles, raw eggs, milk, human blood and freon lightly sauteed with a bit of agony, caustic frustration, fear and embarassment. Bring a bib.
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The life and death of a lab a humorus way... of course
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