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Deep rapper straight out of New York, currently located in Charlotte, trying to make his way back into the game.
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One of the first songs I wrote while making a comeback after a long break from the game. Vocals: Verse 1 - P Dubbz, Hook - P Dubbz, Verse 2 - P Dubbz, Verse 3 - G Code. Produced by AllRounda. Mixed by G Code.
A new song over one of the first beats I ever spit over. Wrote this song several years ago. Vocals by P Dubbz. Produced by Kaos. Mixed by G Code.
24 bars over this iconic beat including the sample NaS hook. Vocals by P Dubbz. Mixed by G Code.
Verse 1: P Dubbz Verse 2: G Code Verse 3: P Dubbz Random noises: G Code
First time I've rapped in a long time, just a quick 16 each. Verse 1: G Code Verse 2: P Dubbz
Some deep shit, on the real. Produced by Hip Hop Crib. Mixed by Jous.
Remix to my song from 2003. Need a MC on the second verse, hit me up if you interested. Produced by Deeper Era Productions. Mixed by Jous.
Recorded in October when I was mad sick so I got no breath support, might re-record it for "The Basement Vol. 1". Produced by Skwirm Beats. Mixed by Jous.
Bonus Track. Featuring in order of appearance: Kaos, P Dubbz, Krucial, Nyce Quota & Nasty. Produced by Kaos. Mixed by Kaos & Jous.
Final one from the first time I laced a track in 2002. Written & performed by: P Dubbz. Produced & mixed by: Kaos.
Another one from 2002. Written & Performed by: Verse 1 & 3 - P Dubbz. Chorus - Kaos & Most. Verse 2 - J Flo. Produced & mixed by: Kaos.
Written & Performed by: P Dubbz Produced by: Kaos. Did this when I was sixteen, first track ever, same session as Sub Zero & My Side in 2002.
Rare club joint, some old 3rd Infintry joint I finished up. Featuring: Hook - Kaos, Verse 1 - P Dubbz, Verse 2 - Krucial, Verse 3 - Nyce Quota & P Dubbz. Produced by Kaos. Mixed by Jous & Kaos.
November 2003. 52 bars, tripped over words a few times. Produced by Outlaw. Mixed by Kaos.
8 Bar Accapella for a collabo.
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