Matt Milne
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Epic composer, multi award-winning films, games and tv.
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Peak in sub-genre #87
Work in progress. For a game mod, with a pirates theme.
a slightly epic track.
the final track of 'the great war' suite.
Peak in sub-genre #98 2
Track for film trailers and previews. very low quality demo version. Theatre quality versions available for use in cinemas, dvds etc enquire at
a booming percussive orchestral news theme. ideal for main intro.
1 1
a short track, from a small game i scored, called Tomb of Kambythet.
"day" from the day symphony. The day symphony is 9 minutes long and consists of 3 parts: sunrise, day and sunset. The track is free for unrestricted commercial use, and i would love to know if you're using it, feel free to drop me a note.
a swashbuckling adventure piece.
the second trailer track for your use. Pros should get in touch about liscencing.
A great galloping wild west track.
Peak in sub-genre #88 4 1
This is silent night, on glockenspiel and marimba. Ideal for those holiday commercials, adverts and trailers. or for getting into the wintry spirit.
a small piece depicting the escape from a trap in an egyptian tomb. enjoy
an epic fantasy/adventure track with strings, brass, choir and percussion.
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