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Kathy Unruh has enjoyed playing the guitar and creating music for many years. Having grown up as a rebellious teenager in LA, she has a desire for her songs to
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Album: Shiloh Peak position #1 2 1
Upbeat rhythm with nice vocal harmonies. The song tells a story about the "Prince of Peace" who gave His life so that others may live.
Album: Shiloh Peak position #26 2 2
A listener's review: "Great retro-folk-rock sound, with cool acoustic lead, vocal harmonies, and a driving beat. Makes you feel the pain and the hurt." Alibis was # 1 in Top 10 downloads at 96decibels.com for two months in a row!
Album: Shiloh Peak in sub-genre #60
This song features a melodious blend of keyboard and guitar. It is a deeply moving song, expressing the love of Christ for those facing life's difficulties.
Album: Shiloh Peak in sub-genre #74
An up-tempo song which moves with momentum as expressed by the title. It usually draws a great response from the crowd when performed live.
Album: Shiloh Peak position #46
A unique intro adds interest to this song. The bridge creates a nice build-up to the lead guitar solo. Lyrics are straight forward, reflecting the humble character of Jesus. This song went to # 6 in the Top 10 downloads at 96decibels.com.
Album: Shiloh Peak in sub-genre #64
Fingerstyle accoustic guitar, combiined with intimately personal lyrics, create a musical journey into the life and faith of a "beautiful lady" who died of Lou Gehrigs disease.
Peak position #44
This song expresses the meaning of hope in the face of life's difficulties.
Peak position #60
Higher Ground has sort of a pop- rock sound. The music begins very subtly and builds layer upon layer by adding more vocals and instrumentation until it reaches the crescendo at the final chorus.
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