The We Be Jamin Band
Rock colo spgs , USA
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Peak in sub-genre #75
A upbeat love song
This song grabs you by the face and won't let go!
A Celebration of Music with special guest performance by Ed Johnson (Lead Guitar) Jason Barquin (Drums) Rubart Rolink (string arangement performance)
A Response to the RIAA lawsuits Associate Producer Rubarb Rollink
Peak in sub-genre #84
To expose the truth between major labels and radio conglomerates.
Peak in sub-genre #86
A Political Protest Song
Peak in sub-genre #24
PART 2 A RESPONCE to my First song DON'T PASS THAT GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An uplifting song to understand WHY Black is Beautiful
Paid Promotion
Beat Demons
Why (Buy 1 Get 3 Free)
Instrumentals - Smooth
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