Ben Travis
Pop Nashville, TN  USA
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Ben Travis is a solo artist who writes all his own songs, as well as plays the piano, sings, produces, and engineers on his newest recordings. My goal, he says
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Peak in sub-genre #38
Written for my grandmother, an amazing woman, when she passed away.
Peak in sub-genre #82
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Peak in sub-genre #69
Shoot me in the head before you put me in a nursing home, okay?
Peak in sub-genre #58
Once someone passes away, we no longer have the chance to do or say the things we could have when they were alive.
Peak in sub-genre #49
Peak in sub-genre #43
Wondering what my father was thinking and feeling as he was dying of cancer.
Peak in sub-genre #50
Written as my dad was dying from cancer.
Basically an R & B song about love. Many people have told me this is their favorite song on the album.
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Slopetracks AKA Stacy Adams
**A CRIME SHAME** (Trap)
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