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Craig Gregory
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Craig Gregory of Chester, UK. Guitar player, producer. Currently playing bass for Go Kart Commandos.
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Early Pink Floyd influences to go along with more current Polyphonic Spree influence. A great mix of styles brought together for your personal enjoyment and snobbish behaviours.
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Written by my wife and I for our little girl Isabelle. Who is now almost 11 months old at the time of uploading this tune. She has a rare mitochondrial disorder that means she has a very limited life expectancy but she's here and we love her!
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Written on a whim on a lazy March weekend (2007) whilst feeling anti social!!
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Demo version for the band to use for practice.
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For my Daughter, wherever she is, whatever she's doing.
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Recorded at Nino's Studio in Wrexham, June '09
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Portside UK covering The Who's - The Real Me from Quadrophenia. Recorded at Nino's Studio in Wrexham (Autumn Road) June 2009
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'The Who' by Portside
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Music by Craig Gregory. Lyrics by Tim Pringle (Modal Logic) and Craig Gregory (Modal Logic)
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Got some Ska beats on my pc now so I thought i'd do this for a change.
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Craig and Jemma recording cover of 'some Boy Band' for her friend Jenny.
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Recorded on 4 track (Hence the 'wowing') then dumped onto pc to get the 'plug-in' treatment.
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Guitar Rig 2, my new toy, features on this little track.
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