Wayward Monks
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The Wayward Monks is a groundbreaking band that mixes instrumental jazz and progressive rock in cerebral, yet accessible ways with trumpet, guitars, keyboards,
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Manic 7/4, with breaks of lilting 5/4 and new-agey 6/4 and a jam at the end. This one usually comes at the end of our live sets.
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Another song with manic 7/4 section but also with rocking parts and a jam! This is one of the "weird songs" in our set, and one of our favorites to play.
Power rockers stop into an out of the way eastern European pub, drink a strange potion and jam into the night.
Peak position #73
Funky 7/4 groove with rocking changes and an extended jam with organ and guitar
Peak position #23
A pretty trumpet song, at skipping speed, in 7/4 with a jam and nice chorus.
Short, snappy, Santana-inspired tune with vibes/organ and guitar solo at end.
Mellow, slow burn, instrumental with jam
Grooving rock melody with extended jam
Peak in sub-genre #32
A grooving (Bo Diddley-like) instrumental rocker with extended jam. Lots of guitar.
Peak in sub-genre #21
A trumpet ballad with piano.
Peak position #69
Mellow and haunting piano-based melody, with acoustic guitar
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