Kamal Supreme
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Supreme lyricist hip hop, Spoken Word Poetry and house head! I fuse and blend spoken word poetry with the genres of roots, reggae, dancehall, punk, fu
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Peak position #28
Inspirational R&B Soul by Kamal and Niva! Be Inspired
#19 (Sub-genre)
When this dude tries to get it in with his new lady, her baby wakes up and starts asking for his Dada (lol) funny lyrics with a tight dancehall beat! fiyyah!
#31 (Sub-genre)
Funny spoken word meets hip hop! A Must Listen!
Peak in sub-genre #13
Trap beat, crazy lyrics. PUN play on words BARS!
#83 (Main)
Reggae protest song, smooth but on time with the message!
Peak in sub-genre #4
"I Want Some Wi-Fi. Do you know what that be? West Indian Female Inergy! This song is made for the Caribbean Carnivals, Cropover and Caribbana Festivals. Hot reggae soca flavor and ironic fun lyrics!I love my wi fi, you know what that be West India
Peak in sub-genre #20
An incredible mix of slow to fast low to high, DMX Busta Rhymes type energy. This song is perfect for skate boarding, break dancing and competitions!
Peak position #37
Via the art of roots reggae and dub poetry Kamal Supreme brings a very much needed unity message in a time of divide and conquer!
#43 (Sub-genre)
A delicious hot house track intended for fashion models to work the catwalk too, but hey, you can get your dance on with it too. Have fun! It's hot!
Peak in sub-genre #15
This is the Remix! You'll love this song! It will put you in the tropics!
Peak position #78
Dance and House Music Lovers will enjoy the singing, rapping, inspirational message and the hot beat!
Peak in sub-genre #20
Hip Hop and Soca Fusion with flirtatious hip hop lyrics
Peak in sub-genre #9
Uptempo beat, staccato Lyrics. Motivational and Inspiration vibrations!
Peak in sub-genre #2
A sexy piano mixed with a sexy voice ensures that she will say yes to this test and someone will get blessed. Delicious spoken word poetry. The perfect romantic gift for Valentines Day and more!
Peak in sub-genre #4
This smooth Hip Hop & R&B love song has that Love Jones flavor. It's jazzy and is asking "On this Valentines, can we bring back the butterflies?" It's a sexy song and a perfect little download gift for the one who has your heart! It's also the accom
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Fast Lane (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals - Hip Hop
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