Stephen Richard Thomas Brown
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Neo-Classical electronica. Neo-Classical original piano compositions.
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#68 (Sub-genre)
Bill Masen: "I wished them well at Tynsham.Then I let in the clutch and splashed away down the muddy drive."
Peak in sub-genre #27
Josella finds herself captured and ill-treated by a desperate blind man looking for someone with sight to lead his way. Fortunately for Josella, Bill Masen rescues her.
Peak position #37
When Snowflakes fall, they dance...
Peak position #48
Like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, there is Such Sweet Sorrow when lovers are separated...Art courtesy Maryse Castro.
Peak in sub-genre #22
London begins its casual descent into dissolution and decay. Her inhabitants, recently blinded, stumble about helplessly as a grave and fatal malaise begins to strike down the living. A once vibrant city now quickly becoming a silent necropolis...
Peak position #86
As the Triffid apocalypse arrives, a troupe of recently blinded Londoners, led by one of the few seeing men around, stop in at the Cafe Royal for one last send-off before its good-night for good.
Peak in sub-genre #32 1
An Apocalyptic nightmare has occurred. The world has been overrun by biologically engineered walking plants known as Triffids and most of surviving humanity has been debilitated by an unnatural blindness. How will we survive?
Peak in sub-genre #44
Bill Masen, eyes bandaged, lies in a hospital bed in Room 48. An oppressive and disturbing quietness surrounds him, his mind filling with the imaginary monsters of his youth. What has happened? The 1st piece for Wyndham's "Day of The Triffids."
Peak position #23
I composed this piece for my friend, Monique, who loves to explore the streets of Old Montreal.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Milky Way Galaxy is electronic music composition number five for my "Ambient Intergalactic Music" project. Although the accompanying photo is actually of Spiral Galaxy NGC 5584, courtesy of NASA, one may realize similarities to our own Milky Way...
Peak position #84
Inspired by, composed for, and dedicated to a sweet Senorita whom I will always and forever love. Art courtesy Maryse Castro.
Peak position #31 1
This piece is dedicated to the lovely woman in the famous painting by James Jacques Joseph Tissot known as "The Shop Girl." This piece is additionally dedicated to a lovely Spanish Senorita.
Peak position #64
A Senorita's Enchanting Smiles... Anyone who has ever been in love with a lovely Senorita will understand what this piece is all about...Art courtesy Maryse Castro.
Peak position #75
"Song for a Senorita" has been inspired by, composed for, and is dedicated to a most lovely Senorita... Cancion para una Senorita... Art courtesy Maryse Castro.
Peak position #67
Coral Reef...a very, very fragile bio-system...
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