Matt Schiariti
Metal NJ  USA
Thank you!
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no band..just me..usin' this as a place to upload some song ideas and whatnot
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Peak position #59
quick dirty grande bbq, splawn quick rod, sm 57, presunus mic pre...i still don't know where to place a mic ;)
Peak position #38
just couldn't seem to place the mic right..this is as best as I could get it. Quick Rod, SECOND gear this time..Gain a little less than noon...recorded with my Petrucci w/ Evolution pickup
this was done when I was still trying to get the mic placement juussst right....sounds a little muffled I think..
just wanking...same as with the ozzy stuff
some ozzy here...still don't know jack about recording..but finally using a mic pre and an SM57
first gear, OD2, crappy recording
Peak position #50
Just a quick recording I made with my PC mic..quality sucks, but hey, you asked for it!
thanks to jammermatt for overlaying my lead on the rythm track!
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