Terminal Illness
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Hardcore Alternative HipHop Out of Southern Cali .
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First cut off our upcoming release " Habitat for Insanity." This track is produced by a Legend of the online hip-hop world, Benefit. All cutz are by DJ Broc. To purchase the album visit www.TICREW.COM available in late Aug 2005.
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Produced by NFX. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/9/nfx1music.htm
Peak in sub-genre #92
The First Single that came off of the "Out The Shadows" Album . People Have been loving this one down in Cali.
This Track is off the upcoming Terminal Illness mixtape "Shock Therapy Vol.1" . Order : Laziris, Genetix , DZK . DJ C-Threw on the Scratches .
Peak in sub-genre #88
New track off the Shock Therapy Mixtape! Produced by Kane. Check the brand new site : http://TICREW.com/ !
All about everyday being the same as the day before. Off the Shock Therapy Mixtape. www.ticrew.com .
This Track is coming off the new BTruth LP titled "Vision". Genetix on the hook and the 3rd verse, thanks to BTruth for the spot on the album. Be sure to hit up www.guilt-e.com for more info and purchasing the LP.
Got our boy BTruth rockin a verse on this track, holding it down for the Seattle area. On some Dark, Suicidal Shit, it's Terminal!
New track off the "Out the Shadows" Album. Live acoustic guitar solo on this one, this track is deep so be ready to use your brains.
Produced by Wyshmaster .
f*** f*** f***
Deep Dark Track off the album
Peak in sub-genre #35
The Acapella of the song "Death I Come"
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