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Geezer At War
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Fusiony productions mostly instrumentals, but some are with vocals.
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This piece was composed and arranged by 'Sid' (Marck Pratt); probably 2002-03. I wrote the bass lines which are the melody lines holding down the groove.
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Rock fusion
Breathe In Peace comes from life's hectic pace getting to you, ending in you growing tired, but content in thinking about your accomplishments.
I called this "Levee" due to the ending in how the guitar comes out shining from all corners, offering, visually, a resolve to a funky driving song; like a mirage gone real.
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I'm not exactly a people person; this is my testament to it. Don't take it personally; I'd probably like you ;)
Rock fusion.
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In 1996, a friend of mine was killed in a motorcycle accident on a bright Sunday afternoon, slamming into a passenger van whom cut him off at the town's east-end on-ramp. This is my song to him.
An 'all-bass' song involving different techniques
Maligna is the devil fairy, who enchants the people with her beauty.
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Collaboration with Carter Biel for Casper Bolte // "A world increasingly ruled by technology - The vision of Ascension."
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This is Ascension continued about flight fantasy.
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A Cover of a 'Police' classic
Rainforests play an invaluable role in sustaining life on Earth.
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The title comes from the evident fuzion elements in the style.
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