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John Coulter
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Somehow pure hip hop was delivered here in the form of an ode to the former Beatle. Listen, the connection makes sense I swear, lol. Meant to be listened to as a continuous mix with Jr. High Mixtape immediately following this track.
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Hiphop influences from '89 (verse1), '93 (v2) & electronica and rock (v3) discussed @ 83 beats per min changinginto double time w/ drum efx & homemade sound efx. Hear this after McCartney Quest in continous mix- hip hop becomes drum n bass.
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used some old 45's from the 1930's at half speed.... this is a club joint at 100 beats per minute.
Peak in sub-genre #57
Title track and the opening chapter of the Dropout Accounts- a song about my life early on in college with alchohol derailment and addiction issues. produced by scott avery.
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For the broke college student. This is chapter 2 to the actual "Dropout Accounts" when i found myself penniless in college pondering my next move and how i was going to pay rent after i had moved out on my own and became a self supported student.
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Chapter 3: The college stoner's ode to ganja.
chapter 4- Knee deep in the hustle. that infamous cat PK from the area dropped some guitar on this one. apologies for not mentionin' you and giving credit earlier dog! slipped my mind cuz i'm an old pothead.
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Chapter 5- High on my own supply i guess. Sketchy shit goes down when late night rolls around. The journalist reports on location.
Chapter six of the dropout accounts- A hustler laments as the game starts to catch up to him and gets negative. No samples, self produced on a pentium one or something ancient. Featuring Kelly Corbett on trumpet.
Peak in sub-genre #16
The final chronological chapter of the Dropout accounts. I finally figure out honest work is probably the best move, no matter how low it is. This is a remix of the old summer 2002 joint. I reworked the old beat- upgraded my delivery.
Peak in sub-genre #57
instrumental by DJ Criminal - his beat is hot! i figured i'd close out the album with this. (only the second outside beatmaker i used). Check out his beats and material at i got dibs on some of them beats!!!
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featuring kelly corbett on trumpet and me on the extra synthesizer over top. end of the show so my vocals are hurtin but thats what the live thing is all about right? -champs 6-03
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