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Instrumental in D flat , a key I hardly ever play in.
Peak position #77
Another song idea.
Instrumental based upon a Korg DV800 I restored. It's real analog oscillators rival anything Moog made in it's day. It was also the first synth to play more than one note at a time. Actually allowed two note once.
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Blues Instrumental
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Pure electronica performed on keyboards.
Sad but melodic instrumental. Dedicated to the departed loved ones in my life.
raw mix with tempo correction and a limiter on the vocals. Delay on the last spoken phrase. No other effects applied.
traditional jazz instrumental
Peak in sub-genre #38
Piano , ambiance , setting for an interesting set of chords
Unusual rendering in the minor keys
Soft gentle piano composition
Instrumental derived from a B3 hammond , roland guitar synth and a stratocaster
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