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I'm a solo composer/writer, specialising in computer software and electronic music. As a music lover, my main passion for music is the instruments and the sound
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Instrumental of a song meant for vocals
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Electronic Dance with emotional Piano and soaring Guitar, padded with synths and strings. A song about being more than human and doing what your mind dreams.
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A Remix from Symphony of the Night of Lost Paintings.
Upbeat electronica with electric guitars and hard hitting beats. Gets you dancing, gets you in your groooove.
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A Remix of Xenogears 'The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen' in an orchestral love style. Soft orchestral meets rhodes and acoustic guitar.
Hollywood style action music. Orchestra mixed with Synths and Beats. Pumping stuff.
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Fun Nes/Beats hybrid. Just been messing around writing a fun song.
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Wrote this for a friend requesting fun happy Christmas music. Mixed in themes of 'Deck the Halls', 'Silent Night' and 'Jingle Bells'. Swing!
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I made this for a friend, like a theme if you will. It's orchestral and is emotional!
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New song after a looong hiatus. Tinkering with my new setup, this is a beaty electronic fight piece.
Experimentive idea, fusing two song ideas/styles into one complete piece, progressively. Sliced vocals, snappy vocoded beats, and lots of interesting ideas.
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This is a remix from Chaos Legion (One of my fave games) using two of my favourite songs from it: 'A Way to Nowhere' and 'Feel no Fear'. Apocalyptic style mix, Big Beats, Orchestral, Synths and Guitars. Non stop action from start to finish.
A Tribute to 'Jet Set Radio', as if it could be stuck into the soundtrack. Funky beats with sharp synth bass and finger bass.
I wanted to do something very emotional, very expressive, yet light. This is a song I'm quite proud of.
I've heard some great NES chip songs made by musicians who have taken it the next level. So this is a NES hybrid with Electric Guitars, Bass and kick ass drums.
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