Louisville Bboy
HipHop Miami, FL  USA
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Louis Premier
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Just me, myself and I.
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made this on fruity loops
another beat i made.
West Coast beat made with fruity loops
fruity loops beat.
Techno/Hip Hop
put this beat together with fruity loops..i figuer it would be a tight beat for the roots, or common, or Black eye peas.
This is a beat I made in dedication to my friends and family who have passed away..I tried to give it a Dj Premier feal..don't know if it worked...you be the judge.
used a smokey robinson sample for this.
Beat I put together with a sample from the supremes "baby love" and the rest I threw togeter with fruity loops.
A beat i made with fruity loops..i was trying to give it a mobb deep feal...don't know if it came out right though.
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