Larry Jacobsen
Acoustic Cheyenne, WY  USA
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Peak position #17
My instrumental arrangement in Dropped D of the traditional folk tune. Thanks to Ed Gerhard who inspired this. Olson Dreadnaught. Rode NT-3 mics.
Peak position #26
Fun and Spanish flavor mixed with fire! Guitars galore, and string bass to top it all off. Mark did the Taylor, Bass and sang Larry did the Baby Taylor and Kronbauer (solo guitar track) Really fun song to record and assemble.
What can you do with two guitars and an accordian? Mark played rhythm track & sang, and I did the backing guitar and accordian track.
#74 (Main)
Guitar duo
Peak position #14
Tracks done back-to-back each a single pass - no EQ or compression (simple reverb added) 1. Vocal/main guitar track. Vocal mic - AKG 414 Guitar mics - Rode NT3, stereo main track, neck joint only on the overdub.
Peak position #96
Every year I write a new song for each grandchild. This is my 2005 song for my grandson, Noah. It is in C2 tuning (CGCGCD) on my Bashkin OM recorded with a pair of Rode NT3 mics.
Peak in sub-genre #62
Instrumental Duet - Olson Dreadnaught backing track and solo on the bridge. Kronbauer mini-jumbo for the melody track and backing on the bridge
Peak in sub-genre #5
Pre-master mix for a joint project. Mark played the bass & Taylor 714CE backing track, and Larry played the duet track on an Olson Dreadnaught & solos on his Bashkin OM. Mark Wielang sang the voice track using an AKG 414.
An Irishy sounding dance using Esus capo. Olson Dreadnaught recorded with Rode NT-3 Mics.
Blues/Gospel. Main Guitar - Olson Dreadnaught. Second guitar - Kronbauer mini-jumbo. Dobro - pawn shop rescue Mark Wielang - Dobro, Kronbauer, singing Larry Jacobsen - Olson track
Peak position #98
Frst movement of my Storm Suite. The guitar is my Bashkin OM. The song is in Dropped D. A pair of Rode NT-3 mics.
Peak in sub-genre #50
Second movement of the Storm Suite Recorded on the Olson Dreadnaught - Rosewood/Cedar
Third piece of the Storm Suite. Olson Dreadnaught - Rosewood/Cedar. Tube preamp and a pair of Rode NT-3 mics.
Peak in sub-genre #56
Ryan Delmore tune with Guitar, Dobro & harmonica. Mark did it all... This is a real ''Lonesome Highway'' type song. Recorded with Olson Dreadnaught, Dobro© Dobro, Harmonica & Vocal.
Peak position #53
Started life as an Etude I wrote to train some independence into my thumb. Kronbauer mini-jumbo recorded with Rode NT-3 mics
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