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Solo piano version - a good-bye to a leaving friend, with wishes for a warm welcome at her destination.
Peak in sub-genre #21
Impromptu live songwriting and recording with Katha. Pardon the atrocious pronunciation (hence, grammar screw-ups); not used either to speaking French or to playing guitar. Least of all simultaneously.
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Two orchestras, French horns, pizzicato and marcato strings, some more underlying strings, a music box, glockenspiel, and orchestra hit to accompany the piano. One might say I overdid it - you barely see the cake beneath the topping. Enjoy!
The "Light" version of Last Dance, with most instruments either muted or turned down. The piano touches more 'lightly' to allow the vocals total lee. Full version under!
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The solo piano line of "Fear" by Saurien
Peak in sub-genre #27 1
Pvt. Thevois o'Reeson's theme in "The Perfect Society - a Manual"
Peak in sub-genre #7
The ouverture of "A Perfect Society - a Manual"; you might call it chamber music.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Maximilien de Robespierre affords us a patriotic glimpse of what his "perfect society" ought to look like. He is accompanied by the Choeur des Sans-Culottes Hibernal '02. Whee... great job.
Peak position #37
Written for the 2005 Victor Klemperer Youth competition, part of a radio play. Joe V. Shrub, upstanding citizen of the world's only hegemony, makes known his view of... differently colored people.
Peak in sub-genre #91
Ein Klavierlied im 3/4-Takt... ich habe ziemlich planlos eine Violine (Schlag 1-2) und ein Horn (Schlag 3) dazu eingespielt. Es klingt nicht gut. Vielleicht aber interessant... wo liegt der rhythmische Schwerpunkt? ;)
Peak in sub-genre #81
Sehr ghetto "on-the-fly" aus 3 MIDI-Spuren auf eine Audiospur aufgenommen. Eigentlich nur, um den Violinen-Sound des e-Pianos auszuprobieren... im Nachhinein ist dazu eine Begleitung aus Klavier und Orgel entstanden. Sehr off-beat. Egal.
Peak in sub-genre #75 1
The piano rudiments of what is to become a song in French: a greeting to an unknown girl, never to be encountered again, from train to passing train.
Peak in sub-genre #25 1
A short song wherein I picked up the main theme from "Romancette", which seemed kind of nice to me. A rudimentary baseline underlines it.
Drowning in a limpid pool... it seems to last eternities. A million bubbles escape and rise to the surface, bursting above as the sun spills caustic reflections on you.
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