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What is dead is dead what is done is done what is now is now are we having fun?
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Peak in sub-genre #11 1
Voxless. also, don't like the bass sound in the bridge, cymbal crashes are not the right sound, intro to the bridge is lacking, and need to change up the drumbeat a little more. Other'n that, I like the structure and most of the other sounds. Re
Peak in sub-genre #34 1
A classic for the children
Peak in sub-genre #41
Huggy Booty Legs Money Power Respect Graham Cram.
In the beginning, there was...Ironodon. The introduction to the most pompous song ever left unwritten.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
Me n Tryfocal n su-su-spria
Peak in sub-genre #76
Only about 10% done with this one...mind the drums, they are superrepetitive... and the organ voices...lost most of this in the great crash of '04...just redid it to remember...shouldn't be here...
Peak in sub-genre #97
The Shaftman is dirty. Don't listen to this at work. You have been warned.
Peak in sub-genre #44
I hate this place. Yes, it is too boring and repetitive in the first minute. It gets better. Trust me.
Peak in sub-genre #52
felt like pitch shifting some canned samples...a little outer space dueling banjos...with synths...
Peak in sub-genre #35
Putting things in context.
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