Urban Memphis, TN  USA
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R&B's newest sensation has arrived. Clarenzo brings a new flavor to the Hip-Hop/R&B World. His musical style is singing mixed with a little bit of Rap,Hip-
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Written and Produced By: Clarenzo for MySwagMuzik Productionz Music Produced By: Ric and Thadeus for Ric and Thadeus Music
Written By: Clarenzo; Young Tracktion - Produced By: Clarenzo/Ill Muzik Beatz/Young Tracktion
I did this song for the fellas who's girl have that friend that always has negative things to say about you and your relationship. It's always a sideline chick who don't have a man of her own so she loves to hate on her friends' relationship.
"Too Early In the Game" is an instant R&B Classic. No matter how long you've been with someone, you always have to have the mind set that it's always too early make mistakes. There's always another player on the bench waiting to take your place.
Jealous1s talks about people who are always in other peoples relationship. The ones who always make up rumors and make assumptions about what someone has going on.
Peak in sub-genre #100
This song is about wondering what would have happen if you pursued a relationship with a certain person in your life.
Peak position #95
This song is about having a passionate night of love making. Written By:Clarenzo; Muzik By: O'Brian Music; Vocal Production & Arrangements By: Clarenzo for MySwag Muzik Productionz
I wrote this song when me and my ex-girlfriend were dealing with a break-up.
Peak in sub-genre #100
Here We Go Again is about a couple who keeps having the same cycle of problems in their relationship. The guy wants to work it out and come to a resolution instead of feelin like "Here we go again"!!! Check out my youtube channel @ renzo7284
Road To Recovery is the celebration of a break-up. You basically tell ur ex to do them so you can do you. Written By: Clarenzo Produced by: Clarenzo & Vybe
Patron wouldn't be the hit that it is if my boy hadn't came and dropped his verse. He took the song to a whole nother level. This was supposed to be the 2nd single, but it was meant to be put on hold. All my Patron drinkerz pour a shot to this one
Feelin' Myself is my own personal anthem. Everytime I hear this song I get crunk because it celebrates self confidence and it motivates me to keep killin' hatas with my swag.
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