Thatch Noir
Rock sydney, Australia
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Psychadelic Gypsy Punk,Frantic Folk Music from the stars and from the gutter. Carrying the torch Rozz stumbled with....
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Peak in sub-genre #17 3
An ode to perception,zen and quantum. A tale spun in the wake of lysergic enlightenment!
Peak in sub-genre #32 2
First track from the debut album.
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
after all the drugs have worn off and the guests have left....
Peak in sub-genre #17 1
Aguirres folly and a metaphor for jackbooted evangelists always paddling up the wrong creek.
Peak in sub-genre #12 1
From the 'dirge and serenade' sessions-a tale of idealistic longing and gazing from a distance...
Peak in sub-genre #20 1
Unmixed preview from the 2nd lp. (Andi Lennon/Brian Matthews)
Peak in sub-genre #24 2
Preview of unmixed track from 2nd LP
Peak in sub-genre #15 3
A social metaphor with anal imagery... from an early demo...
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