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Sometimes soft and melancholy, sometimes not..
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#1 (Sub-genre) 1 1
Original song by Roxy Music, from the album Stranded. Cover performed by Fractured Beauty (Amy Caldwell, Bob Kingdon, Eric Daum)
Peak position #91 8 5
Music and lyrics by Amy Caldwell, as well as all performance, mixing, mastering. Many thanks to Ron Gletherow for the beautiful guitar parts and his help with the ending
Peak in sub-genre #84 3 4
Music by Degsy, Lyrics by Dawn Sinclair
Peak in sub-genre #65 3 3
Beautifully sad song, music by KTA lyrics by Dawn Sinclair.
Peak in sub-genre #71 4 3
Words and Music by Tom Moore...a long time since we have done a collab together. Vocal arrangement, harmonies and final mix by yours truly
Peak in sub-genre #94 2 2
New arrangement, new performances all around! Original words by Dean Brantley Taylor, music by Laurel Varner. Vocals by yours truly
Peak in sub-genre #96 7 7
*** NEW MIX. Newly recorded vocals-originally done before gear upgraded! A beautiful song, piano penned by Yiruma played by Piana. Orchestration by Andy F and wonderful lyrics by Dawn Sinclair-new production by Andy Oakwood
Peak in sub-genre #44 3 2
Fully arranged version of this song originally posted last year. Lyrics- Dawn Sinclair, all music/performance/production- Amy Caldwell
Peak position #90 14 13
All music, lyrics, performance and production done by me. This is still a bit of a work in progress, so any feedback appreciated.
2 2
A long time in the making, this is truly something different, Beautiful lyrics- Dawn Sinclair, Captiviating music composition, performance and production- Phil Rees, vocals, yours truly.
5 6
**NEW MIX- completely new backing, newly recorded vocals as well***...A song written by Kurt Neufer, he asked if I might like to try it, so I jumped on board. This one has lots of weakness. Hope you enjoy!
Peak in sub-genre #97 3 2
Music composed by Erik Rosenfeld, Lyrics Dawn Sinclair, Performance/arrangement/production juri Rosenfeld.
Peak in sub-genre #84 3 4
Music- Erik Rosenfeld, Lyrics- Dawn Sinclair, arrangement, performance, mix/mast/prod- Juri Rosenfeld. I could sing this chorus to my collaborators about our music and it would ring SO very true!
Peak in sub-genre #97 1 1
Lyrics by Dawn Sinclair, music composed by Erik Rosenfeld, performances, arrangement, mix/mast by Juri Rosenfeld, vox me.
2 2
Composed by Erik Rosenfeld, Lyrics, Dawn Sinclair, Arrangement/production Juri Rosenfeld, Vocals, me (yes the harmony is real!)
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