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CCB's unique ability to transform raw emotion into words make them an underground sensation in an industry plagued by generic lyrics and bubblegum beats. They h
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You cant enjoy summer without this track.. super chill vibe!!!
#23 today (Sub-genre)
Awesome song I had the privilege of doing with the students at Athlos Academy. It's about their 12 character traits they instill in all their scholars..
Peak position #25
A track about how strange life is now and how social media and the internet has affected us as a society. Dedicated to my boy Pete!
Peak position #40
A killer solo track by Smokey about Social Media and the addiction we all have acquired from it.
A story telling track about missing the older days in life when things were simpler. With each verse I submerge deeper into past memories and miss the past more and more until I wanna just have one more day of that type of life. (Epistra Beat)
Peak position #31
Upbeat story telling track about a vision where the devil and God each show me my life if I follow their path.. Incredible song all around. anno domini on the beat.
Peak position #59
Emotionally charged track with each verse being it's own story about the struggle of that person and their life.. Very deep track.
Peak position #64
The true meaning behind why I started music in the first place. This track is strictly me venting the stress of life lately. This is why I love music, just raw emotion..
Peak position #55
Smokey is back with some help from S-Dawn in this sweet summer banger. No matter what you like to do in the summer months, this is your perfect jam.
Peak position #30
A beautifully written track by Smokey about loved ones who have passed. Check it out. (Epistra Beats)
Peak position #53
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