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I'm a hobbyist classical/progressive/melodic trance music producer from Sydney, Australia. I first started playing around with music composition at 2001, but r
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Uplifting trance original, playing with both sound design and composition. Project for SOMA3551 Sound Media 3 at COFA, UNSW. http://www.hypernewbie.com
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An uplifting style approach remix of Gareth Emery's Sanctuary, featuring vocal covers by Jean-Marie Voon. Recorded at UNSW COFA with a Rode K2 TLA5051s. http://www.facebook.com/hypernewbie http://www.hypernewbie.com
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Atmospheric & energetic progressive/melodic track inspired by Norman Ma's photo "Sunset in Wellington", with some rather interesting chord progression and key modulations. Mixing done in FL Studio 10, mastering done in Pro Tools 8. hypernewbie.com
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New song! I can has real sidechain compressor naow!
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A strong melodic progressive trance track with rolling bass and focus on complex rhythm. Also my project for my sound course SOMA3615 at College of Find Arts, NSW. Made in FL Studio 9.
Echoey melodic trance with a solid melody.
Peak in sub-genre #36
The Silence Must End... thanks to Silexz, for inspiration of that line :D
Epic melodic trance song with strong bass. Have a listen!
New age song, warm and sweet.
Peak in sub-genre #100
erm...the story...once upon a time someone had some melodies and he didnt finish his song and i went hey let me finish it so I did :)
Take yourself across the dawn horizon. (Slow, quite ambient minimalist trance song)
Starts techno, ends epic trance style.
Soaring high above the ocean...
Epic melodic trance track.
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CityLights (Drake)
Instrumentals - Smooth
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