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Solo singer-songwriter playing British fingerstyle steel and nylon string guitar, and historic instruments. Scots and Irish influences with original melodic set
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Album: Beyond the Emerant Lea Peak position #16 2
Impressions of return to a western island, a small boat and waters lapping a mooring shrouded by mist. Guitar instrumental.
Peak position #79
Song No 538 Version A from the Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection (Aberdeen), recorded on Dec 31 2012 after finding it by mistake, with a variation headed Auld Lang Syne.
Album: Beyond the Emerant Lea Peak position #20 3
A Scottish fingerstyle guitar instrumental echoing the rythm of a well-known song, but in a minor key and much altered noo.
Peak position #40 3 1
One of those true stories which turns itself into a song; not very well known, but a great tune and some strong images.
Peak position #14 1
An original instrumental in DADGAD tuning written for and played on my new Lowden S35C ziricote/cedar guitar
Peak position #14 4 1
This is the song normally known as Sir Patrick Spens, but substantially updated and shortened, with a chorus based on one of the Walter Scott verses
Peak position #26
Listen and let the song paint the picture: this is just a short single verse, a moment in time, an image.
Peak position #10 4 2
For Burns' Night - the bard's classic song recorded with mellow nylon string guitar and vocals, and an instrumental break.
#87 (Sub-genre)
I tried to use the iPad with GarageBand as a sort of musical notepad end of 2011, beginning 2012. Today I was trying to get the iPad to work with some other gear (it never has yet) and found this recording. An ad-lib sort of songwriting..
#54 (Sub-genre)
Aimed at the (very few) Scots who look backwards rather than forwards and rather fancy themselves in another Jacobite rebellion!
Album: Beyond the Emerant Lea Peak in sub-genre #36 1 1
A slow Scottish jig written for the guitar, using harmonics, named for the deep pool in the Tweed where the bells of ruined Kelso Abbey are supposed to lie, ringing as the dark water flows over them - to be heard when danger is near...
Peak position #35 1
A quick song as a Valentine's Day pressie for my wife, Feb 14th 2005. In the general tradition of Scots oldies.
Peak position #37
The tale of Gordon of Auchanachie and his love Jeannie, who is married off by her domineering father to wealthy Lord Saltoun.
Peak in sub-genre #20 3
This is 90 seconds of quick instrumental to show how badly Scotland the Brave, which is a pretty lousy tune, can be mangled on guitar
Peak position #24 3 1
An atmospheric Border Scots ballad in the auld tradition: how 'the Piper of Loos' saved the 7th Battalion of the King's Own Scottish Borderers in October 1915.
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