Enturbulator 009
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Subversive Subgenii who use humor and music to mock $cientology. Praise BOB, Hail Eris!, and screw L Ron!!!
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The true motto of the cult of $cientology.
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Entheta is anything that tells the hard, cruel truth about $cientology.
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The cult of $cientology claims it has 8 million members. Total bullshit! The truth is that there are probably less than 200,000 clams.
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The events described in this song were witnessed while in astral form. There is no claim that these events have happened on the Earth plane.
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Ron Hubbard was sodomized by a man named Jack Parsons during a black magic ritual called the Babylon Working.
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An Avagram is a nasty lawyer letter from $cientology lawyer Ava Paquette. Want to get one? Engage in the kind of free speech that irritates insane fascists and you just might get several.
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As long as you are "One of us".
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"Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" is a religious motto of the Church of the Subgenius. According to a recent poll, Subgenii beat $cientologists for fun %100 of the time.
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This song was in response to $cientologists calling anyone a bigot who questions the insane ramblings of their dead conman guru.
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$cientologists claim they can produce beings with superpowers called "Operating Thetans" or OT's. Only problem, there has never been even ONE of them.
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Jack Parsons took Ron's ass to the carwash.
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OT3 is the super-secret level of $cientology where we learn that million of years ago - we were kidnapped by the galactic emperor Xenu and dumped into volcanos. Sound stupid? Just be glad you didn't for over a hundred grand to learn about it.
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It's all just a joke... right?
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$cientology SUCKS!!!
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