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Rick Droit exudes passion and intensity. anyone who knows him can attest to this, his music has become a finely honed tool, one that allows the intensity to f
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Political Parody song that Chronicles the 2016 Election and the 2017 fallout afterwards, Russian involvement etc. .falls under the legally accepted fair use act, special provision for parody. Unlike Trump, This is not for monetary gain.
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Song by Tracy Chapman, this version was done Live at Ruta Maya in Austin Texas, with Will "Shakespeare" Stanton on Lead and Tami Griffin on flute.
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Re-written for 2016 this is an Original Droit song that is a medley of Patriotic and Traditional songs with new lyrics.
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This is a rendition of Thank You by Led Zeppelin, I recorded it at Congress House Studio's just for my fans, it's not for sale, Free Downlload . . Enjoy !
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Today MAURICE SENDAK passed away at the age of 83 - As a Tribute I am Posting A song from the new album, titled RETURN OF THE FIREHORSE - this song is called "Where The Wild Things Are" inspired by Mr. Sendak's book of the same name.
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Sassy Duet written by Rick Droit, sung by Rick Droit and Sara Hickman, a romantic comedic star-crossed banter back and forth, fun and upbeat Country / Americana song it broke the Hot 100 on the Country Charts landing it alongside Blake Shelton
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About a Girl
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Paul Revere from my new album "RETURN OF THE FIREHORSE" We are the children of Paul Revere, Crazy Horse, Doc Holliday and Guinevere. .and Rosa Parks..and Groucho Marx
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