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Skeletor covering the Bee Gee's 'Stayin' Alive', recorded for the Megadeth Bulletin Boards 2007 Disco Metal Project 'Shattered Disco Ball'. Nick Matson on guitars and bass, Joe Matson on lead vocals, Ian Walker on death growls, Dru Machine on drums
Peak in sub-genre #16
Peak in sub-genre #88
Christmas melody- Nick Matson - guitars and bass, Kirk Carrison - Drums
Nick's winning entry for the Bulletin Boards 2008 guitar solo contest. Lead and harmony guitars by Nick Matson, over pre-recorded backing track by "PrinceofDarkness"
Nick's winning entry into the Megadeth Bulletin Board's Musicians Forum Solo Competition - May 2007. Lead guitar track by Nick Matson, backing track from Guitar Center's 'Guitarmageddon' competition 'Hard Rock' track.
Nick's entry 1 of 3 into the Megadeth Bulletin Boards July 2007 Video Game Tribute project. The medley consists of four themes from the game Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, played in order as they are encountered in the game.
Original Legend of Zelda title march theme, with the dungeon theme 'doom version'. Created for the July 2007 Megadeth Bulletin Board Video Game Tribute project
Peak in sub-genre #99
Kid Icarus level 1 theme, and dungeon theme - recorded by Nick Matson for the July 2007 Megadeth Bulletin Boards Video Game Tribute.
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