HipHop Camden, USA
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Sick niggah....
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Peak in sub-genre #35
Vs. P-Nut aka The Albino from Davinci Code...
Peak in sub-genre #28
battle vs tab aka nice jerk aka agent spits in GRB at rapmusic
Peak in sub-genre #4
Peak position #16
I honestly hope you die.
Peak in sub-genre #99
check my twankle out....
Peak in sub-genre #13
First battle in a year. Against the hispanic lyrical 1 and 2 verbal mixing bone monster.
Peak in sub-genre #36
against Dis-Honour...UPN....
Peak in sub-genre #51 April Animosity Invitational Tourny Versus Globalken
man im tired of rushing shit....
quality is blaaaaah....i apologize if anyone was actually looking forward to me...
Vs....No Flow Old Man Christapha.....aka ill chris...
Round 1 Vs BRICKS aka The P-Nut clone...
vs. Flame Extingusher...
For$100 bucks on tha line...
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