Mayhem Lettuce
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Our style varies from trip hop to goth to rock to jazz.
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Peak in sub-genre #42
A crumbling love affair as told through a pastiche of Bowie-inspired snippets.
Peak in sub-genre #20
A recounting of the closest I ever came to having a religious experience.
Peak in sub-genre #28
A list of anti-assertions using negative space to define the boundaries of a person.
Peak position #61
A comedic blues song poking fun at a kid we went to school with, for we are miserable and mean-spirited folks.
Peak in sub-genre #42
A song about having kids.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Did you ever look around and notice that your world is filled with machines and wires and concrete? What role do grass and flesh play anymore?
Peak in sub-genre #90
Taken from a survival guide from the future, this details how best to deal with the robot menace.
Peak in sub-genre #87
This is a cautionary song about the ghost of an evil robot.
Peak in sub-genre #33
The true story of a memorable lunchtime experience at a Chicago diner.
Peak in sub-genre #90
A return to Old Skool Lettuce aesthetics. Recorded live in one take with no overdubs or edits. Just a crappy keyboard and a microphone.
Peak in sub-genre #69
What happens when smooth jazz cliches, cats, math and an over inflated ego collide? Listen and learn.
Some kinda Astro-Jerk. Recorded live at Dave's Party.
Peak in sub-genre #65
Featuring Award-Winning song lyrics!
Peak in sub-genre #75
A meditation on growing older.
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