Vic Lewis
Acoustic Newton-le-Willows, United Kingdom
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A Gospel song for my beautiful wonderful Marilyn. RIP Marilyn I love you so much and I always will. XXX.
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I wanted to write a really old-fashioned folk song.....
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A fast rocker; just one chord for the verses. It's another of those Guitarnoise SSG songs, and that was the assignment/restriction. One chord wonders of the world, unite!
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A tribute to Captain Chesley B Sullenberger III and the crew of Flight 1549
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A very rough demo of a new song...haven't even had time to practise it yet!
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60's pastiche, half (no, 3/4) Manfred Mann with a bit odf Small Faces chucked in.....
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A Biblical story - sort of....based loosely (VERY loosely!) on the Israelite's flight from Egypt.
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A dark ballad, a collaboration between a few (well, a lot!) of aspiring songwriters.
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Acoustic guitar in open D.
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An ever-so-slightly-influenced-by-Bob-Dylan song - this is just a first rough draft, I'll redo this and add harmonica when I get a chance.
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