Erling Gunnarsson
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Erling Gunnarsson
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This song was composed 1968 by Erling Gunnarsson to a poem of Tomas Gumundsson. Runar Vilbersson made this Demo of it almost half a century later. The Demo is obviously made by an artist and musician that makes the words fly like magic!
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Heillastjarnan yin hun gati lika horfi og hamingjan er ya i hoendum okkar tveim.....
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A wishing star from a far sends her home, in the morning then she is not alone.
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.......I miss the one I thought you were - But I won't be a fool for you.
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This song is written by 2 friends for 50 years. One is shy but wants to be open, while the other is open but seeks soletude. Together they made this psalm for Icelandic audience.
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Se eg ennya sporin yin vi silfra staa a........
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You know that I love you And yet you will not see When she breaks your heart.........
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Eitt líf þú hlaust .....og deildir því með mér.....
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Built on memories from a trip to Russia 2003.
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Life is upwards and onwards!!
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For us, the unwanted ones the world is an agony..........
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