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Peak position #22 4 4
A romp through the hood and back again.
Peak position #4 3 2
Acoustic Ditty About a rainman for real..
Peak position #10
A brisk spanish tinged work
Peak position #2 5 4
LISTEN written/recorded in my Room of Dreams home studio.
Peak position #19 10 10
TAMPA RED type twelve bar for the purist or first timer.
Peak position #22 1 1
ACOUSTIC ditty NO toys or studio tricks Just PURE MUSICIANSHIP
Peak position #35
Will LOVE last a lifetime?
Peak position #65 2 2
Acoustic ditty for my sweetie
Peak in sub-genre #8 3 3
HARD twelve bar with a story and a solution.
Peak in sub-genre #7 4 3
Rock tribute to my better half
Peak position #14 1 1
A reggae Romp with a twist
Peak position #18
Ska-ish rant on Rape, murder and boundries
Peak position #29
Classic story new approach and surprise ending.
Peak position #38 1
This tune reflects true reggae in every way. Hey, hey!
Peak position #56 3 2
Wannabee is a story of a boy,a guitar and a dream.
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