DJ Swissivory
Instrumentals, Switzerland
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Produced by Swissivory. Now impacting Radio. More information please contact
Produced by Swissivory. All copyrights. This is for DJ's only and personal use. Any commercial re-use or reproduction of this track without permission will be punished by law. More information
Produced by DJ Swissivory. Brings back an old school movie soundtrack-style vibe.
Production By DJ Swissivory. All Rights Reserved.
Just made this latin flavored beat, had to make it festive due to the sample, the end result was hot! AZUCAAAR!
This song is just crazy, fast paced at 119bpm. The song format in bars is intro-16-8-18-8-18-8-outro, had to let the claps go for longer :-) Produced by DJ Swissivory for my clubheadz who just wanna party
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