the nashville angels
Country macclesfield, United Kingdom
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Nashville Angels Country and Western trio singing The Judd's,Dixie Chicks tribute for cabaret,concerts and festivals with line dancing North West UK
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#48 (Sub-genre) 3 3
Peak in sub-genre #3 2
Peak in sub-genre #1 4 4
our version of the gnarls barkley hit totally live
Peak in sub-genre #31
this is a live broadcast from the rick oshay country show featuring the nashville angels
Peak in sub-genre #48
live broadcast featuring the nashville angels with rick oshay on cheshire fm
Peak in sub-genre #43
live broadcast with cheshire fms rick oshay country show 2.november 2010
Peak in sub-genre #28
Peak position #52 5 2
this is our version of a song by the judds we actually recorded it for our friend who lost her son when he was six years old
Peak in sub-genre #13 1
Peak position #32
Peak in sub-genre #12
Peak in sub-genre #12 1
Peak in sub-genre #19 1
Peak in sub-genre #32 3
originally sung by the band lonestar re-recorded by angels who are brother and sister kerri and james add mother and you have the nashville angels
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