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Scott Morgan is a composer who has written edited, arranged, and performed music for over 100 episodes of Dragonball Z. He also wrote the score for Activision'
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Album: Legend of the Insane #44 (Sub-genre)
Epic heroic melody
Album: The Others Peak in sub-genre #26 1 1
Orchestral score for Leo Tierney's video. Has clips from the score Empires Dawn of the Modern World (which I wrote in 2002)
Album: Legend of the Insane Peak in sub-genre #26
Track by Saiyan Enigma. Used with permission. I played the guitar part and improvised a solo.
Album: Legend of the Insane #17 (Main) 2 1
A theme inspired by Broli from DBZ. Uses a 5 string electric violin made by Equester
Album: Legend of the Insane Peak position #7
Opening track for the album "Legend of the Insane" Huge heavy guitars, epic leads, cool synths.
Album: Legend of the Insane Peak in sub-genre #49
Cell theme #2/4 Electronic, distorted, heavy, menacing, creepy.
Peak in sub-genre #39
Z style track done with 100% Roland Cloud instruments, mostly Concerto. Hip Hop type beat with Heavy Guitars
Album: Legend of the Insane Peak in sub-genre #95
Cell Theme #1: Gestation Theme for Cell's egg and larval states
Peak in sub-genre #60
BGM written for Leo Tierney's Batman fan trailer. Electronic music with Orchestra.
Album: Legend of the Insane Peak in sub-genre #86
A dark orchestral track inspired by King Piccolo from Dragon Ball. The first part represents his older self before regaining his youth.
Album: Legend of the Insane Peak in sub-genre #53 1
A theme written by request to be included on Enigma TNG's album. Starts off in Z style and moves from there :)
Album: The Others Peak in sub-genre #89
My 1st electric violin track. Actually 1st track I've released playing any kind of violin. 5 string acrylic Violin made by Equester: The percussion is made using the library "Damage" by Heavyocity
Album: Legend of the Insane Peak in sub-genre #43
Space theme. Big orchestra and some custom spacey sounds of my own creation.
Album: Have Some Epic Peak in sub-genre #80
Epic orchestra, choir, synths, and guitar. Thanks to Lauren Dobbs for giving the choir help with her awesome voice!
#88 (Main)
Meditation track. Created mainly with my Tibetan Singing Bowl and a touch of crystal bowl. This is an atmospheric piece meant to aid meditation and not distract.
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