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quieter, only slight dark, electronic, beat-oriented, atmospheric and structured
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Peak in sub-genre #4
Peak position #71
shuffle beat with a balanced blend of smooth and edge
Peak in sub-genre #1
downtempo chill piano piece and chuffing percussion
Peak in sub-genre #3
a set of ideas joined at the hip
Peak in sub-genre #7
opening up and spreading out a bit with an electro chill groove thing (whatever)
Peak in sub-genre #5
melodic piano with atmosphere, companion piece to 'aspired Peaches'
Peak in sub-genre #3
experimentation in the chill room leads to mild trepidation
Peak in sub-genre #8
thick and rich, chunky, crunchy noisy fun
Peak in sub-genre #2
a bit rude,a bit island, a bit guitarish, a bit synthetic
Peak in sub-genre #37
slow, dreamy, exotic, with some crunch
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