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glass cage
Alternative london, United Kingdom
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Eclectic,English eccentricity. A touch of Electronica a dash of indie Jazz and Folk too,plus occasional full on guitar playing and fiddle scraping plus world
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Diana Stones Music

The Music
Actually a lot of the music is up beat and optimistic so figure that one out, I wish I could.Perhaps because music takes me to another place that I can not otherwise occupy, or maybe at the best of times opens a doorway for me.

I think I have drifted through every musical style in the history of Mankind, ( personkind perhaps, or am I getting a bit Californian ) as I have always been interested in almost every sort of music from pop to the musicals and the classics, I would love to get into film /soundtrack writing but it is of course like every other part of the music world highly competitive. I used to play with a band called Elephant Shelf, and now I also play as part of the Delta ladies. I perform the occasional Glass Cage song with them.I am also doing acoustic versions of some of the songs in live performance from time to time. This is something that I would like to expand on when the time is ripe for it.

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