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Electronic Los Angeles, CA  USA
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Dynamic! Energetic! The #1 Electro-pop/dance singer/writer producer in the U.S. Rob E C's new album will be out around Nov. 1, 2009 on I-tunes, and
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a fantastic remix by D.J. Amaya
Peak in sub-genre #16
another terrific elecro-pop/dance track similar to "Camouflage" that will be on the upcoming album in Nov. 2009
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Peak in sub-genre #52
a new version of Rob E C's most popular song, "Right Here Waiting", which reached #3 on the Billboard Breakout Chart in 2006
Peak in sub-genre #51
a Linkin Park influenced electronic rock track. very powerful. available on the upcoming album.
Peak in sub-genre #89 1
Peak in sub-genre #71
a great new electronic dance track by Rob E C which is on the upcoming album due out in Nov. 2009
an enegetic high tempo club track with a great beat.
Peak in sub-genre #60
Here is another track from the upcoming album. There is also a terrific remix of it by Jimmy Fehrlund (Sweden) that may be available as an extra track on the album.
Peak position #86
this is a new song on my upcoming album due out in Nov. 2009. There is already a video for it on
Peak in sub-genre #37
a sensational remix by the U.K's Victor Karlsson. This remix has been getting heavy club play all over.
Peak in sub-genre #52
a club hit from Fehrlund, of Sweden. This incredible talent also did 'Right Here Waiting'.
Peak in sub-genre #32
another version of Rob E C's third single 'Listen To Your Heart'
Peak in sub-genre #47
another quality remix of Rob E C's upcoming hit 'Listen To Your Heart'.
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