DeConstructive Screwdriver Criticism
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track one of VotV - A heavy wall of sound and low end static
Peak in sub-genre #74
track two of VotV - A continuation of the wall of sound and static
Track three of VotV - Drifting waves, playing children, soothing ambient
track four of VotV - More low end this time accompanied by the chorus of the night
track five of VotV - Trains, distorted tones, discussion, and watery ambience
track six of VotV - white feedback and static accompanied by tones and birds
Peak in sub-genre #54
track seven of VotV - white noise humming and endless voices
Track 1
Track 7
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Instrumentals - Trap
2 basic lease 45.97 Imess : Mail : Credit : Lil Chuckee, Pso Thug, Sosa and 600 Artist around the glob
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