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John Dierckx Jazz Guitar New Zealand Christchurch
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#38 (Sub-genre) 1
A nice Bossa Nova Classic, featuring Tim on sax
Peak in sub-genre #11
Another standard, Steve dr/Jamie b/Zack p/John g
Peak in sub-genre #7
James Linfoot, John Dierckx play a Klaus Flenter original
Peak position #46 1
Jamie/zack and John, a sorta Monty Alexander type of arrangement
Peak position #32
Jamie/John/Steve/Zack an old guy (me) with a bunch of talented young Christchurch musicians
Peak position #55
John (g) Jamie (B) Zack (P) Steve (D)
Peak position #59
First recording of newly formed trio in Christchurch, James Linfoot Bass, Steve Swanson Drums and John Dierckx Guitar, life at Christchurch Jazz School 23 June 2004
Peak position #98
Henk de Ligt, John Dierckx January 2003
Peak in sub-genre #85
Another file from the goodbye sessions with Henk de Ligt
Peak in sub-genre #27
Duo recording with Henk de Ligt. Seemed like a very appropriate song to play on these farewell session. Dedicated to our lifetime friendship.
Peak position #78
Duo recording with Henk de Ligt
Peak in sub-genre #36
Henk & John again duo. A song written by Klaus Flenter my former guitar teacher.
Peak in sub-genre #51
Recording duo with Henk de Ligt, one of Europe's finest bass players and lifetime friend just before emigrating to New Zealand
Peak in sub-genre #62
Henk & John Duo
Peak in sub-genre #20
This song was recorded as a little test to see how guitar and vocal would sound. The singer is Liz Moolenaar, one of Christchurches hidden treasures. We didn't wake Ben ain't that nice ;-)
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