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Peak in sub-genre #60
Demo that played on the radio for the upcoming KC EP. micahT on the 1st Verse, Kurt Cobain on the hook, Mikh G on the 2nd Verse.
Better than James Bond's seduction
That catchy banger that happens every time No Name Needed is in the studio. Micah T = 1st verse, and that catchy ass hook. Mikh G = 2nd verse, and the illest outro ever done, and he even produced this. Genius honkeys.
4 1
On a smooth, slow jam, Micah T's painting us a picture of an unforgettable acid trip with an amazing woman. While MalLinds is joining him on an incredibly catchy, and emotional chorus.
Mikh G on the 1st Verse & Hook, Eluzion on the 2nd, and both on the 3rd.
Released in 2011. The remix that made the internet go crazy around my way. Never uploaded this for some reason, from Micah T's album "Phashionably Late"
3 1
Quit f***ing with this. This is all Micah T baby, co-starring my main bi***. The perfect song for thinking all about you and your girl. Produced by Rock It Productions.
Completely different from anything you've ever heard from me before, have a fight with your gf/bf, cheated on, love/hate relationship? This song matches your mood exactly. New version: 01/07/12 Produced by Sean Divine.
8 2
"Modesty will get you nowhere, that's why I go there" Phashionably L8 suckas! Produced by Hassan.
A laid back,...ah f*** it just listen. Mikh G on the 1st, Eluzion on the 2nd verse, and both on the hook. Produced by Sean Divine.
Introduction to the critically acclaimed album "Phashionably Late" SCORE IT NOW: -
Saying what you really want to say to the next person you're about to be in a relationship with. Produced by RockItProductions.
The type of jam that will get stuck in your head all day. All Eluzion baby, starting off The Business Week EP. Produced by Rock It Productions.
3 1
All Micah T baby. Running through a night of my life, followed by police. Produced by Rock It Productions.
All Eluzion baby, produced by Anno Domini Beats.
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