Electronic Mogadishu, Somalia
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Kraftwerk, Telex, Gary Numan, Lothar and the hand people, TYPE(PM-RAM), KERNAL IVirq10 11101 101101000, %00!/#. Function() IVirq10 100100HX D0X012, (0x017fff) $
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A road trip gone tragically bad, set to a motorik beat
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You will have fun when you party with Dr Jack! Featurs great guitar work by Darren Lock - check out his music at
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Now somewhere in the black mining hills of Washington There lived a young girl named Priscilla Castro...
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nicy nicy
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Mr Roboto keeps up on all the popular trends. He will record the Macarena next
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a song in the key of Jandek
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Techno country pop
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This is the best version of this song that's ever been recorded
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