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Cinematic soundscapes, lush sonic atmospheres, and organic musical elements fused with beats to induce bodily kinetic motion. Imagine the music of a postmodern
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Produced by sourmonkey All instruments performed by sourmonkey except: lead guitar by Carlos (?) vocals by Rastashaman
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Peak in sub-genre #33
a conduit of transition, metaphorically speaking, that will guide you through to the other side.
Peak in sub-genre #27
a score to a sci-fi horror short, though most wasn't used. still, it has a body all its own... mwahahaha...
Peak in sub-genre #29
deep, real deep. version 1.0 is the minimalist mix. this mix makes good background music for, er, focusing on deeper things. watch for version 2.0: the hyperspace mix.
Peak in sub-genre #44
a film cue to a film that never was.
Peak in sub-genre #36 1 1
A song about finding that zone... that one unique vibe which makes life beautiful.
Peak in sub-genre #48
this song is a little off, but in a soft and pleasant way.
the path is irrelevant
Peak in sub-genre #52
Peak in sub-genre #10 1
version one... Let it take you on one.
Peak in sub-genre #12
A song about nothing. Well, that's not true...
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