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Native Americans are in full tilt revolt against the Dakota Access (to planet-destroying fossil fuels) Pipeline. Put your hands, up, dont let them shoot the indigenous defenders of land and life. Send blankets and whathaveyou.
Kentuckys own Kim Davis didnt want to marry gays Gilbert & Sullivan and James Trumm have given us a lickety-quick commentary.
Peak in sub-genre #64
We marched, and will march again, and then will lie down in front of the liars, and stand up to the climate-killing profiteers.
A jaunt through the history of boycotts the ones Ive joined in, anyway to help us realize the power of putting the wallet back in the pocket.
Peak in sub-genre #98
Wisconsin Solidarity Singers rewrote this 1907 hymn, then I altered it some for the South Carolina activists. The beat goes on
The present, actually-existing International that has been organized by The Man consists of a buncha robots logging your blogs, phone calls, thoughts and feelingsbut if youve done nothing wrong, why you b*** in?
Peak position #54
Within the 99% there are important differences - who goes to work, who goes to college, who goes to jail, what happens to veterans and black women and Latino kids....
For better and worse, the world is uniting around new tech that can bring us together - but with wisdom, courage, and the goal of justice? Or......
Peak in sub-genre #99
Blasting the rocks underneath us with toxic chemical water to get more energy to raise the temperature of the earth some more instead of converting to renewables and conservation - what the frack?!
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