Darryl Coy
Rock USA
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Peak position #43
Ed McGlaughlin on bass guitar. Strat & LP thru a 18watt amp
Peak in sub-genre #76
Peak in sub-genre #24
Thank you Dirk for singing. '77 LP thru an 18w and JTM45
Peak in sub-genre #83
Mark Headey on bass. 18w Marshall w/ tremolo
Peak in sub-genre #55
Vocals and vocal arrangement by Carl Vogelsang from Australia. 18w Marshall
Peak in sub-genre #58
18w Marshall and '79 SF Vibrolux. Mark Headey on bass
Peak in sub-genre #95
Thanks to Mark Headey for laying down the vox and bass tracks on this one. 18w Marshall left & Taylor 710 and Vibrolux Right
Peak in sub-genre #44
Big thanks to Mark Headey (aka CrayZee) for laying down the bass track. R/L=18w Marshall & R=Vibrolux in Chorus, Solo=Vibrolux
Peak in sub-genre #57
My 18w Marshall & 79 Vibrolux
Peak in sub-genre #39
PRS HB1 (Left chan= 18w Marshall; right = 79 Fender Vibrolux)
Peak in sub-genre #40
PRS HB1 thru my Marshall 18w
Peak in sub-genre #24
PRS HB1 thru a Marshall 18w
Peak in sub-genre #13
PRS HB1 thru a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe
Peak in sub-genre #16
PRS HB1 thru a VettaII
Peak position #97
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