The Devil In The Design
Electronic Toronto, Canada
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phil ogison
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Smooth Ambient Electric Guitar and synth music.
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#70 (Sub-genre)
A blend of keyboards (Ensoniq VFX) and electric guitar, with DX200 and electric guitar. Follows an ABA format, the first is in free time, the second in 4/4, the third is free time with some re-arrangements of the first movement
Peak in sub-genre #36
This is the title track for the upcoming Devil In The Design album, The Perfect City. Due for release mid 2006. Starts with an ambient soundscape and evolves into a series of melodic phrases with a repeating Korg Poly 6 bass line underneath.
Electric guitar, programming.
Peak in sub-genre #67
Processed guitar with vocal treatments by Anne Sulikowski (Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks, Psychosomatic Climax Machine and others)
Guitar processed through digital delay.
Peak in sub-genre #61
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